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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jonathan Bree - Weird Hardcore

I suspect Jonathan Bree has a higher profile internationally than he does in NZ, but he is by no means a household name anywhere. However Jonathan has been responsible, either directly, or indirectly, for some of the most original, clever and listenable music to come out of New Zealand. He is probably most well-known for his role as a member of the Brunettes (w/ Heather Mansfield) but in my (humble) opinion his most important contribution was through the founding of Lil' Chief Records in the early 2000s. This label has continuously launched some of NZ's best indie bands. And his music is a highlight of that stable. "Weird Hardcore" is the first single off his new album "A Little Night Music". The last album "The Primrose Path" was stunning, and an easy buy for me. There is something of the disembodied "familiar" about Jonathan's music, and this latest single is no different. According to a Lil' Chief blogpost " while writing and recording A Little Night Music – Jonathan inherited a bunch of second hand classical records and began listening to a bunch of ballet scores by Tchaikovsky, orchestral suites by Grieg and Haydn symphonies. With no classical background but always an obvious appreciation for orchestral pop (Serge etc) A Little Night Music is Jonathan’s attempt to write more free-form ‘classical’ inspired compositions but still always with a McCartney-esque bassline. Simon Ward has come up with one of his best videos ever and the package is complete. You can download the single for free at the link below (although please pay if you can). I have also provided a Facebook link, and a link to Lil' Chief Records. Can't wait for the new album.

Jonathan Bree - Weird Hardcore

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tom Lark - Something To Tell You

Now represented by Saiko Management (Lorde, Mt Eden, Thomston), Tom Lark (real name "Shannon Fowler") I think will finally get the traction he deserves. His songs are fun, hooky, but not clich├ęd. A bit like a more available UMO. "Something To Tell You" is a Tom Lark classic. With such a superb production job, I assumed it had been a big-bucks effort, but in fact it is another of his self-produced bedroom efforts, combined with some great mixing by Eric Dubowsky. The track is very radio friendly, and man I do love that break! As for the video? A wonderful French '60s retro movie vibe. Can't help thinking Tom sort of belongs in that era somehow. Directed/edited by Sam Kristofski with photography by Kieran Fowler, art direction by Brant Fraser, and produced by Dan Higgins. This is a masterful song/video combo, therefore it makes the NZMusic4U Honour Roll. Not the first time Tom Lark as been up there. The new EP has been released and is a free download the link below. Lucky us. Thanks Tom!

Tom Lark - Something To Tell You

Friday, October 17, 2014

Spycc - Bad Habit

I am not qualified to comment authoritatively on hip-hop, but I would like to recognize something I enjoy, so I'll have a go. He's been on this blog before, for good reason. Onehunga's Spycc is one of the most satisfying MCs to listen to in NZ today. A superb choice of beats, and honest rhymes with depth. The delivery reminds me sometimes of Kanye West, and maybe Kendrick Lamar at his most straightforward. But Mr Latu is his own, and one of those I think is "most likely to". It's a crowded space, and difficult to cut through, but everything I have heard so far indicates there is the ability and drive to make it. To be honest, he has soared to greater heights on other tracks, but "Bad Habit" is posted on this blog for a reason. It is worthy of being noticed. Visually? It's a simple, effective video, doesn't look cheap, and rounds the offering out nicely. The video was directed by Danny Aumua, produced by One Island Films with photography by Tj Perea. Editing was by Danny Aumua and TamaGotchi (who also produced the track). You can download "Bad Habit" for free at the link below. And go "like" him on Facebook to stay in touch with developments. If you would like to know more, I have included a Martyn Pepperell interview as well (he's picked up the Kendrick Lamar link as well).

Spycc - Bad Habit

Monday, October 13, 2014

Mzwetwo - Suddenly

"Suddenly things have changed". Not really. Elvis is clearly not completely dead. Mzwetwo channels the King in one of the stand-out singles of the year, confirming both his ability, and his "likely to" status. Mzwetwo says the video "deals with themes of love, purity, and frustration". Umm. I like it. The partnership with Sza Hands remains fruitful. Limited resources, but no sign of it. Such a great video/song combo. You can stay in touch with Mzwetwo at the link below...and look out for the "Gallantino 2" EP. And if you like Sza Hands' work, go to the FB page.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Raiza Biza - Flashbacks

From 2013's "Summer" album, this video rendition of "Flashbacks" seems well in character. A moody, jazz-infused ode with horns and woodwind from the massively-talented K*Saba, the song further enhances Raiza Biza's commercial appeal. Smooth production job from choiceVaughan. There aren't many who have the potential to cross over from the beats/hip-hop audience into a more mainstream appeal, but Raiza Biza has many tracks that could do just that. The video was directed by Paul Innes and features talented young actress, model and artist, Theodora Allison. You can download the "Summer" album for free at the link below. (or maybe pay the artist if you are able to!). I have been a Raiza Biza fan for a couple of years now. He doesn't disappoint.

Raiza Biza - Flashbacks (Official Music Video)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Chelsea Jade - Night Swimmer

Close to perfect. This song has been around awhile and I was wondering when it would get an official release. It was this track and that other ethereal stunner "Under" that first got me hooked on Chelsea Jade Metcalf's dream-pop. She has just made the transition from her "Watercolours" moniker to "Chelsea Jade". Both work for me, but I think there is maybe more to it, with Chelsea relaunching her identity more strongly. And wow! What a way to do it. This video's haunting ice block metaphor intersecting such sensuous writing brings a lump to the throat. This isn't just a dream-pop video. This is a full-on work of art. Alexander Gandar (director) has demonstrated talent before, but this collaboration with artist Zainab Hikmet (art direction/sculpture) and Chelsea Jade is a masterpiece. Chelsea's aesthetic acuity and visual performance binds it all together. Best video of the year. Hands down. Go buy the track at the link below. It is the first single off her new EP "Beacons" due out imminently. Can't wait.

Chelsea Jade - Night Swimmer

Friday, September 26, 2014

Suren Unka - Flee ft. Dahnu Graham

One of my favourite tracks off Suren Unka's "El Chupacabra" album released earlier this year, "Flee" featuring Dahnu Graham comes to us via one of the best videos of the year. The video was made by Markus Hofko, a German artist, designer and musician of some note who now lives in New Zealand. The blurb on the press release says the "video hinges on an extreme contrast between states of mental absence and sensation, as performed by actor and stuntman Howard Cyster. His character shifts from a lethargic state into an absurd dream-space of wild-west proportions, a 'hyper roller coaster ride, at least for a couple of minutes". There is some spectacular imagery for sure. Suren, who is also drummer for the Beach Pigs, (and an event photographer!) comes from a talented family, his mother Vasanti Unka having won the NZ Post Children's Book Award for her "Boring Book". The "El Chupacabra" album, which I own, isn't immediate, but rewards repeated listens. You can buy it at the link below. Go to the link!

Suren Unka - Flee ft. Dahnu Graham (Official Music Video)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Streets of Laredo - Slow Train

These guys have been at it in NYC for over two years now. Hard graft and little glamour, apart from their increasingly well-patronised live shows. But a record deal with Dine Alone records and a USA tour coupled with a proper album release...and this band looks like it might just do it. The "Slow Train" video is a great vehicle to show off one of those songs that has always sounded like it had radio potential. A great live song, it made it into recordings with its live edge intact. In fact, the production on the recent releases is a marvel of restraint, not over-done, but allowing an almost perfect transition of an organic rattle, bang and hum to the digital medium. And now they are getting their sound re-heated by a vinyl release of "Volume I & II", the album due out from October 7th. The "Slow Train" video was done on the smell of an old oily rag by Melburnian Oli Sansom. Loving those 70s vibes. Oli's website is linked below. For more information, go to the Streets of Laredo link below. Go and fall in love with this band like I have.

Streets of Laredo - Slow Train (Official Video)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Mzwetwo - Horror

Previously known as Loui The Zu, an identity that has now been almost completely stripped from the web, Zimbabwean New Zealander Mzwetwo, has cast off his earlier incarnation, and reinvented himself. Better written, better produced and with great visuals (he is clearly an aesthete),  "Horror" is an in-between release ahead of his "Gallantino 2" EP due soon. The song was a collaboration with Taste Nasa who also played guitar on the track. Video direction was by Mzwetwo in collaboration with SZA Hands Digital who also did the filming, editing and animation. Art direction and fashion is by Mzwetwo. You can download the song at the link below. There are a number of other links where you can get to know this talented emerging artist. He probably won't like this, but I have included a link to a previous NZMusic4U post on the superb single he did using Lydia Cole's "Feels Like" as a base. Go have a look at it all. If The Wyld can get a bite at break-out in the USA (exciting news by the day from them), I am pretty sure Mzwetwo can follow. Success expected.

Louis the Zu "In The Winter":


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Grayson Gilmour - Silence & Youth

Glorious melody, harmony, dense textures, masses of layered effects, and driving rhythms that come and go with the dynamic surges that are typical of his work. I love it. Grayson Gilmour's "Infinite Life" album is one of my favourites this year.  And its not been a barren year for Grayson, with that album, and a 100 track release of  music sourced from "albums, b-sides, demos, covers, sketches, alter-egoisms, experiments, film scores & compositions" called "Skeletons and Closets". The "Silence and Youth" "journey" video is perfect in this context, directed, edited and animated by Jesse Taylor Smith, with art direction and colourisation by Jenna Eriksen. Great job! I just saw Grayson live at a private gig, and I suppose I had expected a band. But on his own, using technology of course, he filled that small room with a wonderful wall of sound...and occasionally moved like a man possessed. Highly recommended. It is artists like this that are the reason I started, and continue with NZMusic4U. You can read up on his background at the bio link below. If you like this, you can buy both the "Infinite Life" album and "Skeletons and Closets" at the Bandcamp links below. I have bought both and love both of 'em.

Bio here:

Grayson Gilmour - Silence & Youth (Music Video)